Car Rental

Did you know that car rental companies have to provide a car that has the adaptive equipment you need to accommodate your disability?  I had no idea until a friend of mine, who also has MS, told me.  My car is equipped with a left foot accelerator pedal, and I just assumed I couldn’t rent a car  because I need to use my left. It was wonderful to discover that I was wrong.

Car rental companies have made a commitment to provide vehicles with adaptive equipment. These companies are considered public accommodations under the American with Disabilities Act and have to make a reasonable effort to provide a vehicle to accommodate your needs. For me this information is liberating. My husband doesn’t have to do all the driving. Now I can share the driving time.

Most car rental companies require 24-48 hours notice to have a car or van available. Check out this website below for more information and always check with the car rental company.


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